workshop technical training In Oct 2021

The training topic:main reason of Influence plywood production quality


In plywood production, almost every process affects the quality of plywood to varying degrees. In order to be easy to grasp, the following aspects are summarized:

1, adhesive quality

The performance of synthetic resin adhesive for adhesive, the coordination of each component and the process of glue blending are several square mite surfaces.In recent years, a lot of research work has been carried out on the components and blending process of plywood, which not only saves a lot of chemical raw materials, reduces the cost of products, but also improves the properties of products, which is the performance of technological progress.In the production, only the synthetic resin used has good performance, enough adhesive strength, reasonable allocation ratio of adhesive groups, stable performance of the modulated adhesive, suitable resin content and viscosity, and long enough active period can ensure normal operation and meet the requirements of the product indicators.

2, veneer quality

Veneer quality, especially its surface state, has a great influence on the bonding strength.Veneer quality should be paid enough attention to in the wood section preparation and veneer cutting each process, to carry out good wood softening treatment, control the conditions of cutting veneer indicators in the best value, and should pay attention to the moisture content and smoothness of veneer.

3. Plywood

Before pressing, attention should be paid to mastering the sizing amount and slab aging.The amount of glue is too large, the cost is high;And the adhesive layer is too thick, the internal stress increases, and easy to pass through;The amount of glue is too small, which is not conducive to the infiltration of glue, and the glue layer will be incomplete.The aging time should be appropriate and reasonably changed with climate change.To realize the whole core plate, reduce the core plate lamination, seam.We should pay attention to master the secondary and step-down speed of rubber layering, especially the more water in the slab should be paid attention to.

In addition, the use of new technology, new equipment, such as the use of high efficiency jet veneer dryer, core plate sewing machine, core plate leveling machine, to achieve sizing, billet group, prepressing, hot pressing continuous operation, mechanical loading and unloading, fast closure of hot pressing machine, can accurately control the technological conditions, make the product quality more guaranteed.

Post time: Oct-18-2021