Difference between density board and particle board

Density board is made up of particle board and fibre board, then add the adhesive, through the hot pressing process together, and solid wood particle board is to use fiber board, although some material is the same, but still have certain difference, don’t know what you are choosing a plank ever compare the two products?Do you know the difference?Next we will summarize it for you.

First, the advantages and disadvantages of density board and solid wood particle board;

1. Advantages of MDF:

The material is fine, cutting surface sealing is good, not easy to open glue, easy to press into various shapes, so there are usually more door panels or backplanes.

The disadvantage of MDF is that the base material powder is the raw material, the glue is used more, the internal structure space is small, and the moisture resistance is poor.After 24 hours in the water, it is obvious that the four sides are tilted upwards and deformed.

2, the advantages of solid wood particle board:

(1) Solid wood particle board has good stability, high strength, and is not easy to bend when hanging heavy objects.

(2) Solid wood grain board has good nail holding ability, can nail round nails and screws, its processing performance is significantly better than density board.

(3) Solid wood particle board has the essence of natural wood, the content of adhesive is generally not more than 5%, environmental protection.

3, the shortcomings of solid wood particle board:

The flatness of solid wood grain board is worse than that of density board, so it is difficult to make radians and shapes.

What is flame retardant density board?Its characteristics and uses

1. Product Introduction?

It is a kind of new-style plate, a lot of consumers do not know much about it, have not even heard of.In fact, this material can play an important role in home decoration.What kind of board is this?

What is flame retardant board density board?

MDF manufacturers use wood fibers or other plant fibers as raw materials and then add urea-formaldehyde resins or other adhesives.In the glue-spraying part, just like sizing, special flame retardants are added on the production line to make sheets with densities of 500 to 880 kg/m3, called flame retarded MDF.

Post time: Oct-18-2021