What’s the difference between plywood and woodworking board?

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In The present home life, when a lot of people are buying or making furniture, they often do not know which kind of board should be used, because if the choice is improper, it will cause a lot of trouble. Now there is a kind of plywood and woodworking board on the market, the following is a brief introduction to what is the difference between the two.

First, the production process is different:

The make craft of plywood basically is to turn cut into veneer by wooden section, perhaps be cut into thin wood by wooden square plane, reoccupy adhesive it is glued up, by 3 layers commonly or be multilayer composition. It is made of some of the same thickness of wood and glue bonding, and then processed by high temperature and pressure. Plywood structure is stable, high strength, not easy to deformation, so it is made out of the shape will be less.

And carpentry board is simple, is made up of two pieces of veneer splicing together by means of adhesive pressure, middle part after heat treatment is the natural wood square, its middle part is the comparison of the thickness of the thick planks, and both sides are relatively thin veneer, wood and wood veneer glued together, then treated with high temperature and high pressure. It is a kind of basic material commonly used in modern furniture production and decoration modeling, which is commonly known as the big core board in people’s mouth.